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Airport Transportation Murfreesboro TN

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Ride Share Warning 1

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A warning about using rideshare from several sources.  In most cases rideshare drivers are not qualified to drive passengers professionally.

Bad Reviews

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When you see bad reviews just look for the owner's response;


Ride Share Murfreesboro TN

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Most ride share drivers in Middle Tennessee are not professional drivers.  They do not always have an F endorsement on their license which is required by the state for all taxi, limo and courier drivers.  This means when you take a ride sharing service in Murfreesboro TN, most likely you are riding with an inexperienced driver.  Professional taxi service in Murfreesboro like Alley Cab hire only professional drivers.  The drivers carry an F endorsement and have years of driving experience which is necessary for a safe cab ride.  Alley Cab also inspects their vehicles to make sure they are in proper operating condition.  Other services like Uber Murfreesboro and Lyft Murfreesboro are not even having their car inspected. They could have faulty brakes or some other condition which could result in injury or death.  Might be time to reconsider taking a ride sharing service in Murfreesboro and leave the driving to professional taxi cab drivers.

Alleycab rates

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What are Alleycab rates? Alleycab charges $2/mile with a $10 minimum charge.  A taximeter is used to calculate the distance and the meter rounds down in the customer's favor.  The meter also calculates wait time based on 50cents a minute but does not actually charge until about 7 minutes has elapsed.  Again this is in the customer's favor.  So approximately 7 minutes wait time is free.  There are $1 charges for extra passengers.  Discount rates are available for out of town trips using flat rates.

Taxi cab Bonnaroo

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Taxi service is available at the Bonnaroo Music Festival by calling Alleycab or borocab and requesting a ride.  If you are going to the airport, a reservation is required.  On-demand service will be available during the festival for local and out of town cab service.

Taxi Bonnaroo

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Bonnaroo Car Service 615-796-9088

Car Service $88


Gratuity not included


from Bonnaroo 2016 Manchester TN


To BNA Nashville International Airport


NEW airport shuttle $68 per person


Click here to make a reservation


Get car service quality with taxi cab rates

Taking cabs from Murfreesboro TN

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When taking cabs from Murfreesboro TN to Nashville, borocab has the lowest rate.  At $58 to the airport and downtown, you can t a ride to BNA and Broadway.  Murfreesboro has limited taxi service so reservations are required.

Best airport taxi

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The best way to get to the airport is by using borocab.  Clean vehicles driven by professional drivers will get you to the airport on-time.  Driving to the airport is a real hassle.  The traffic in Nashville TN can be very frustrating between 6:00am and 8:00am. Thankfully there is Boro Cab Taxi Service.  borocab will pick you up on-time and get you to the airport safely and without the worries of leaving you vehicle in airport parking.

Before using Uber in Murfreesboro watch this

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